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High performance graphics accessing OpenGL applications remotely

ThinLinc Linux Terminal Server makes it possible for users to share one graphics processing unit (GPU) to render 3D graphics or stream video in real time over LAN/WAN. The graphics is transferred to the clients using a high performance VNC implementation called TigerVNC. The server software provides a fast built-in OpenGL implementation, based on Mesa. This makes ThinLinc very well suited for graphic intensive applications such as FEM, CAD/CAM, CAE and other visualization software.

Get support for advanced graphics with VirtualGL

Below are some customers using ThinLinc within a High tech Manufacturing environment.

Customer Case Study

Through the use of ThinLinc, Saab Aerosystems is able to substantially reduce the problems caused by different tools requiring different operating systems. Download Case Study of Saab Aerosystems (PDF - 0.7MB)

ThinLinc Product Sheet

ThinLinc Product Sheet - Advanced Graphics (PDF - 1.4MB)