Windows Binaries for PulseAudio

PulseAudio is an advanced Open Source sound server, designed to be a replacement for the old EsounD daemon. It is a highly modular and well designed piece of software that outperforms its competition on more or less every count.
Pulseaudio Used in ThinLinc - a Remote Desktop Server for Linux

Cendio has contributed a lot of resources to the PulseAudio project as part of our remote desktop server ThinLinc.

ThinLinc has many use cases. It can be used both to publish Linux desktops and serve as a frontend to Windows Remote Desktop Services. It is also very good in environments where there is a need to mix Linux and Windows.

    Read more about ThinLinc
    Read more about the features of ThinLinc

Binaries for Windows

As an extra bonus, we have also made available pre-built binaries for the Microsoft Windows platform, as we know these are difficult to construct for many.

Note that this package is not intended for use with Cendio ThinLinc as it already contains a special version of PulseAudio. (911 KiB)

Unzip in a folder of your choice and run the commands from a command line window (no graphical tools exist as of yet).

See the PulseAudio homepage for more information on how to use the commands.

pulseaudio-0.9.6.tar.gz (1.0 MiB)
libsamplerate-0.1.3pre4.tar.gz (696 KiB)
libsndfile-1.0.13pre4.tar.gz (841 KiB)