3.7.  The ThinLinc WTS Tools Package

3.7.1.  Overview

The ThinLinc WTS Tools package contains support software for Windows Remote Desktop Servers. This includes:


Most modern Windows versions include their own load balancing mechanism. In cases where this is not available or wanted ThinLinc has a load balancing feature. This distributes sessions against Windows Remote Desktop Servers among several available hosts. In order for this to work, the tl-loadagent service must run on all Windows servers.

For information about which ports are used when communicating with the load balance agent, refer to Appendix A, TCP Ports Used by ThinLinc .


The tl-is-appsession utility allows you to detect if the Windows session is running a full desktop, or just an application. This is done by examining the RDP Startup Shell. When a desktop session is detected, this command returns 1. Otherwise, 0 is returned. This utility is useful in login scripts. For example, it might be desirable to open up a browser whenever a new desktop session starts. This can be done with a script like this:

if %errorlevel% == 1 start http://intranet

The SeamlessRDP Shell

The SeamlessRDP Shell is the server component required for SeamlessRDP.

3.7.2.  Installing the WTS Tools Package on Windows Remote Desktop Servers

Installation of the WTS Tools package is easy. Simply execute the tl-wts-tools.exe program from the windows-tools\wts-tools directory in the Server Bundle, and answer the questions.

Users can only to connect remotely to a Windows Server if it is configured as a Remote Desktop Server. In order to allow running single applications remotely, the Windows Remote Desktop Server also has to be configured further: