16.2.  Configuring tlwebadm

tlwebadm offers a number of configuration options, which are stored in the configuration file /opt/thinlinc/etc/conf.d/tlwebadm.hconf. The various configuration options are described below.


The password must be set and the tlwebadm service restarted before use.


The username to authenticate with when accessing the web interface.


The password for the above user. The tool /opt/thinlinc/sbin/tl-gen-auth may be used to create hashes of the format required for use with this parameter.


The path to the certificate file to be used for TLS encryption.


The path to the certificate private key file.


The local port for the web server to listen on.


The GnuTLS priority string is used to select the order and availability of TLS versions, ciphers, key exchange, MAC, compression, signature and elliptic curve algorithms for TLS sessions. See Appendix D, GnuTLS priority strings for possible values.


The file to use for logging tlwebadm messages. By default, this is /var/log/tlwebadm.log.