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185 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
300 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Select sessionstype / profile on client side 2020-01-28
436 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- -x (xdm mode) shouldn't clear last user 2020-01-28
445 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Client should remember several servers / profile manager 2020-02-21
500 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Support connecting through a HTTP proxy 2014-09-09
1197 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Make it possible to abort login with tlclient 2013-06-24
1280 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient writes some things to stderr instead of the log 2018-11-27
1320 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient gives no usable output if askpass program is not found. 2013-08-22
2653 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- shift-delete gives different result on UNIX and Windows 2017-02-14
2874 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- use XDG directories for client data 2017-03-28
2940 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Support exporting of MyDocuments on other platforms than Windows 2017-04-11
2942 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Enhance GUI for exporting MyDocuments 2017-04-11
3002 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- accelerated ssh (SIMD, AES-NI, etc.) 2015-10-08
3109 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- not possible to get full vncviewer debug logging 2019-05-07
3205 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Considering making the auto update a background thread, or interuptable 2018-04-05
3313 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- slow pkcs11-operations locks up the client interface 2019-05-14
3317 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- handle ssh login timeouts 2017-05-02
3321 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- need to filter "@" for FLTK 2013-06-05
3333 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Add support for "driving" our client from another application 2015-07-24
3354 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Previously selected color level is respected in auto select mode 2017-05-02
3433 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- log when subprocess ends (and why) on windows 2013-08-26
3460 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- examine unused error codes 2017-05-16
3513 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- client linkkits are broken and missing 2019-09-18
3541 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Add support for startup notification 2017-05-23
3550 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- SmartCard Autoconnect should perhaps not be triggered at client startup 2013-08-26
3555 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- bad default private key path on UNIX 2017-05-23
3556 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- make it easier to switch authentication method 2017-07-04
3624 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient should perhaps continiously monitors that the smart card is present 2017-05-30
3631 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tl-xinit might send SIGTERM to wrong process 2017-05-30
3706 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- use FLTK native file chooser 2017-06-07
3743 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Client installer has conflicting hotkeys for license agreement 2017-06-07
3890 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient compression values is not clamped 2017-06-27
3941 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Client gives Xlib BadWindow error when connecting with OTP from Linux 2013-08-26
4060 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient "updateXX" files are not removed on Windows 2013-08-26
4064 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- pcsctun exits with bad error codes 2017-09-05
4082 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient crashes if ssh.exe cannot be executed 2020-03-17
4086 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- failure to execute pcsctun logs incorrect error message 2017-09-05
4115 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Invalid key format on Windows client gives confusing error message 2017-09-26
4117 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient help dialogue on Windows is missing scrollbars 2017-09-26
4203 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Allow more control over which system keys are sent 2017-10-24
4272 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient dialogs show up in unexpected places on screen 2017-11-07
4358 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Support ProxyCommand in tlclient 2017-12-05
4422 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- work area incorrect on X11 with multiple monitors 2018-01-09
4441 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Improve tlclient error messages when connection to server/agent fails 2018-01-09
4449 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient valgrind warning about uninitialised value in Fl_X::make_xid 2013-08-26
4476 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Automatic client update doesn't respect CPU arch or package format 2020-04-21
4532 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Try to improve end-user messages for kerberos authentication errors 2018-07-10
4534 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Support authentication using public key held in ssh-agent 2019-01-18
4538 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Client update mishandles network problems 2013-02-12
4543 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- clean up FLTK path selection dialogue 2018-01-23
4612 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Make it possible to start a local application from the remote session 2013-04-30
4653 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Client sends wrong keysym for AltGr when non-first XKB layout group is active on the client 2020-05-26
4670 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- difficult to change keyboard layout in ThinLinc 2019-08-22
4672 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient -d5 on Windows does not print configuration parameters to log file 2013-06-04
4674 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Better report of connection failure when portforwarding is disabled/restricted 2020-05-26
4678 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Option for launching tlclient non-interactively, give exit status at exit 2017-03-28
4681 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Kerberos authentication requires that agent_hostname is set in vsmagent.hconf 2013-06-18
4683 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient gets wrong username when unicode 2018-02-13
4684 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient in a unicode directory breaks left and right 2013-06-11
4697 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient should log if the user decides to not accept a changed/new host key 2013-06-18
4706 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- fetch ssh host keys via dns (dnssec) 2013-06-18
4707 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- support GSSAPI key exchange in SSH 2018-02-27
4716 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient handles updated ssh host keys differently with registry/file backends 2013-06-25
4718 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Improve error message when tlclient cannot write to ~/.thinlinc 2013-06-25
4723 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient crashes under MS App Verifier (again) 2014-10-14
4799 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Simplify reconnect when getting disconnected 13:11:45
4883 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Pressing 'Insert' turns mouse pointer into '?', reverts back to normal on click. 2013-11-05
4913 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Client autologin with Kerberos requires a superfluous -p/-P argument 2013-11-29
4943 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Provide latency information in client and/or server 2014-01-07
4959 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- tlclient.conf UPDATE_URL only supports HTTP; not HTTPS 2014-01-15
4962 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Support for multiple authentication methods 2020-01-09
4975 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Hotkey to release control of input from the client 2014-02-04
5002 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- The Alt-key doesn't work in a Unity TL-window with the Alt-key used for the HUD 2014-02-25
5004 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- vncviewer causes clipboard errors in Microsoft Excel 2017-03-24
5053 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- better description in client packages 2014-04-01
5083 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Crash when using AppVerifier with "low resource simulation" checked. 2014-04-15
5087 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- AppVerifier causes crash in PeekNamedPipe() 2014-04-15
5130 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- /tmp/lpdXXX temporary files for local printing not removed on macOS 2018-05-02
5142 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- client configuration storage is race:y 2014-05-20
5188 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- The current local clipboard contents is not passed into the session when connecting. 2014-06-17
5207 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Support the Putty Pageant authentication agent 2015-08-28
5250 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Impossible to Disconnect Session in some cases 2014-09-22
5494 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Move hosted clientupdate.conf to a separate subdomain 2015-08-25
7311 ThinLinc Client bugzilla-qa NEW --- Only Microsoft's built in kerberos implementation works on Windows 2019-02-19
7313 ThinLinc Client bugzilla-qa NEW --- Bad error message for wrong type of SSH key 2020-01-30
7359 ThinLinc Client bugzilla-qa NEW --- FLTK tries to create a "fltk.prefs" on client systems 2019-07-09
7479 ThinLinc Client bugzilla-qa NEW --- Client doesn't report network issues from SSH 2020-03-24
7506 ThinLinc Client bugzilla-qa NEW --- Alt+Shift is sent both locally and to the server in full screen with grab 12:56:55
4062 ThinLinc Client derfian NEW --- Client can't log in to SSH server with ChallengeResponseAutentication without UsePAM 2016-02-26
4893 ThinLinc Client derfian NEW --- Fullscreen is always over all monitors on HP ThinPro 2013-12-12
4884 ThinLinc Client hean01 NEW --- Client crashes on OS X 10.9 in certain cases 2013-12-12
1347 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- There is no way to --force settings to be off. Only on. 2016-05-02
1429 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Provide documentation in tlclient 2016-12-06
1584 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Evaluate and possibly ship HPN-SSH 2016-05-02
1680 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- not all tlclient options are available from the command line 2019-01-08
1693 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Support for autologin with retries, if the server is currently unavilable 2016-05-02
1746 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- ^M is seen in login dialogs 2013-08-22
1752 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- make it easier to have per user language 2017-07-04
1778 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- tlclient hard kills subprocesses on Windows (and takes time doing so) 2017-11-21
1994 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- client can hang when other end isn't sshd 2019-01-22
2165 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Warn if capslock is activated 2017-01-03
2254 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Pass time zone of client 2017-01-03
2348 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- support host:port syntax in client 2019-03-26
2355 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Mounting paths with multiple / inside path does not work. 2019-03-26
2391 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Setting '-u "" <hostname>' causes error on WYSE 2016-05-02
2496 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- tlclient does not distinguish between non-existing and empty argument 2017-01-10
2543 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- bad default private key path on Windows 2017-01-17
2576 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Consistent autologin behaviour, please? 2016-05-02
2615 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Hardware address written to tlclient.log is incorrectly formatted 2017-02-07
2630 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- make sure tlclient works with local PIN cache 2017-02-08
2646 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- present a message when reconnecting to a missing session 2017-02-14
2651 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Wrong reconnect handling for no-sessions, no-allowed, ask-policy 2019-04-02
2652 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- left align columns in session selection window 2019-04-02
2664 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Set authentication type to password when running native client via web 2017-02-14
2687 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- If password change fails, the error message does not reach the user 2016-05-02
2762 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Handle SSH messages which are not prompts 2017-03-14
2810 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- support internationalised domain names (IDN) 2014-04-04
4140 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- tlclient for android 2020-04-07
5271 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Make it possible to use Kanji and Kana characters with the client GUI 2014-09-30
5273 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- high dpi support 2020-03-10
5282 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- ugly icon on ThinPro 2014-10-07
5298 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- NFS parsing leaks memory 2016-05-12
5299 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- investigate libtasn1 memory leak 2014-10-21
5300 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- investigate valgrind warnings for OpenSSH 2018-03-19
5315 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Remove or update the resolution from the session selection box 2014-10-21
5328 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Document the constraints using smart card with macOS client 2018-05-02
5372 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- ThinLinc Client crashes on OS X Yosemite (10.10) when "Dictation" is enabled 2014-12-03
5440 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Ability to restrict login to specific client version 2015-02-25
5445 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Make it possible to send a custom client identification string ("user agent") 2015-02-24
5461 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- better socket detection in OpenSSH Win32 compatibility code 2015-03-11
5482 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Multihead doesn't work on KDE 2018-05-14
5503 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Implement MRU (most recent used) for server input field 2020-02-21
5505 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Both tlclient and Windows react to Super key press 2015-04-28
5521 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- tlclient logging contains a mix of languages 2018-05-22
5567 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Add commandline argument to override save of configuration at exit. 2015-06-16
5568 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- tlclient crash when using branding.png with other content than png 2017-06-14
5599 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Support SRV records to find server address 2016-10-19
5601 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Client customizer for Mac client 2018-05-29
5606 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- kill stuck subprocesses from tlclient 2015-08-18
5616 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- evaluate default OpenSSH cipher selection 2015-09-01
5617 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- multi-threaded AES CTR in OpenSSH 2015-09-01
5660 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Store user specific application data in the correct place on macOS client 2018-05-02
5662 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- ssh key warning for our demo servers on some platforms 2018-06-12
5673 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- client version check doesn't work on newer versions of Windows 2015-10-14
5683 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- tlclient leaks in SoundPrepare 2015-11-03
5697 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Confusing terminology for loglevel 2016-05-12
5698 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- No error handling for failed start command 2015-11-03
5789 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Most translations missing from client association description 2016-02-09
5790 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- confusing that the ThinLinc Client isn't associated with opening the configuration file it creates 2016-02-09
5792 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Client launched by MIME or .tlclient extension on macOS might appear on wrong desktop 2018-05-16
5816 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Can't use Kerberos authentication with Heimdal 2019-02-14
5837 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Translation of PAM module messages isn't kept in sync with the real world 2016-04-12
5910 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- ssh.exe fails AppVerifier Basic/Handles test on startup. 2016-10-06
5936 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- XML-RPC errors from the client are not sent to log file 2016-06-20
5940 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Options from the F8-menu doesn't respect --lock or --hide 2016-06-21
6046 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- unfsd.exe fails under AppVerifier when tl-mount-local-drives 2016-10-11
6088 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Client sends es_ES@modern locale, which is not supported on Linux 2018-09-18
6134 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- dead local device daemons results in wasted server resources 2017-01-17
6196 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Bad error message on reconnect when mismatching Start Command is set in tlclient 2017-03-21
6197 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- consequences of "end existing session" might not be fully clear 2017-03-21
6210 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Its easy to select the wrong ticket to use for kerberos authentication 2017-04-04
6230 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Prevent "stealing" of connected session when using group accounts 2018-10-02
6974 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- ThinLinc Client Option tabs are in different order after starting session 2017-05-23
6981 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- the client gets fooled by virtual network cards with fake MAC addresses 2019-11-26
6989 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- I want to use lock and hide feature with ThinLinc customizer 2017-06-20
7003 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- client doesn't transfer language properly on macOS 2018-05-02
7019 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- An end user should be able to control for how long their sessions stay connected while idle 2018-10-16
7038 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- OpenSSH labels ThinLinc IP traffic as valuing "throughput" over low delay (ToS) 2019-01-11
7062 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- creating a .tlclient file is difficult 2017-10-10
7084 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Excessive flickering on ThinLinc Session resize 2017-11-28
7106 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Custom compression needs better documentation 2019-12-20
7132 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Status output crops strings that overflows widget width 2019-12-17
7133 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- End existing session check box label can overflow parent frame border 2019-12-17
7134 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Text doesn't fit on "End session" button 2019-12-17
7136 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Russian translation for column headers in session list overflows column width 2020-01-03
7170 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- client startup can take a long time (scanning fonts) 2018-11-13
7206 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- inconsistent use of tooltips in client options 2018-07-03
7219 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Only one old client logfile is saved 2018-08-14
7273 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- user is not informed of why a session closes 2020-03-20
7286 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- tl-fontcache dumps core 2018-12-11
7297 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- User gets "Too big cursor" error on connection 2019-01-22
7300 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- SSH process fills client logfile when there is a broken port forwarding connection 2019-08-13
7305 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- using a read-only .tlclient file gives errors 2019-01-22
7307 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- password protected public keys require a .pub file for quick auth failures 2019-01-22
1027 ThinLinc Client ossman ASSI --- Verify checksums of client binaries at startup 2016-05-02
3538 ThinLinc Client ossman ASSI --- FLTK alert boxes are hidden in fullscreen 2013-08-26
185 bugs found.


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