Sat Feb 16 2019 12:28:53
"I have been, and always will be, a programmer: even when designing, Emacs is my canvas, and I expect C-x C-c to be engraved on my tombstone." - René Hollan

ID Sev Pri OS Assignee Status Resolution Summary
6131 Nor P2 Unkn samuel@cendio.se NEW Describe Load Balancing concepts
4429 Nor P2 Unkn astrand@cendio.se NEW Fix the load balancer
2868 Nor P2 Unkn astrand@cendio.se NEW load balancing includes system users and not just "real" users
4431 Nor P2 Unkn astrand@cendio.se NEW Setting existing_users_weight to 0 crashes the load balancer
1174 Nor P2 Linu ossman@cendio.se ASSI Using load figure leads to bad load balancing if iowait is high.
5 bugs found.
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