Thu Apr 19 2018 13:34:59
Operator overloading and other features sure make C++ equally adaptable to any problem domain. This is achieved by making it the wrong tool for every job. - C++ FQA

ID Sev Pri OS Assignee Status Resolution Summary
4799 Nor P2 Unkn astrand@cendio.se NEW Implement client-side "reconnect" feature
4789 Nor P2 Unkn ossman@cendio.se NEW ThinLinc should be easy to use with configuration management systems like Puppet, Chef, Salt, Ansible & CFEngine
4792 Nor P2 Unkn samuel@cendio.se NEW translate Web Access
3046 Nor P2 Unkn hean01@cendio.se REOP No configuration is shipped with OS X client
4 bugs found.
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