Name Description Open Bugs Total Bugs
aaron_tester Aarons test bugs Search 127
astrand_tester Buggar som Åstrand ska testa. Search 697
bojan_tester Bugs that Bojan should test. Search 5
candidate_200 Candidates for 2.0.0 Search 16
critical Test bugs that must be performed each test period Search 19
derfian_tester Bugs that Karl should test. Search 267
fltk Bugs that are related to FLTK in one way or another. Search 6
focus_focus Focus area for some bug related to focus handling. Bug Samuel about details. Search 7
focus_loadbalancer Focus area for Load Balancer issues Search 6
focus_shadowing Focus Shadowing Search 12
formertestbug Bugs that used to be a testbug, but isn't anymore. This keyword can be used for example to mark a bug that is not valid for the current release, but was valid for the last. Search 159
forsberg_tester Buggar som Forsberg ska testa.. Search 300
george_tester Bugs that George should test. Search 41
hean01_tester Bugs that Henrik should test. Search 430
ingwa_tester Bugs that Inge should test. Search 151
interesting_200 Interesting bugs for 2.0.0 Search 61
interesting_210 Bugs interesting for the 2.1.0 release. Search 102
license_related Bugs that are related to ThinLinc licensing. Search 8
morgan_tester morgan_tester Search 4
ossman_tester ossman_tester Search 542
pcok Approved by the Product Council to work on Search 8
prosaic The opposite of "relnotes". Search 517
pugo_tester Buggar som Pugo ska testa. Search 67
relnotes This bug should be mentioned in the release notes. Search 330
reusing This keyword indicates that this bug is reused for every release, so it shouldn't be included in the list of corrected issues. Search 3
samuel_tester Bugs that Samuel should test. Search 258
testbug This is not an ordinary bug, it's a test bug. That means it's meant to be reopened and reassigned for every release, during the test period. Search 81
thomas_tester Bugs that Thomas should test. Search 36
translation Bugs that should be handled by our translators. Used so we can easily find them when we send them a new translation bundle. Search 4
upstream Bugs where we are waiting for upstream to do something. Don't forget to add relevant URL:s to the bug! Search 71
web2.0_candidate Buggar som eventuellt ska utföras som del av "innehållsrikare web" Search 38