Bug 2832

Summary: sink-less pulseaudio causes delays
Product: ThinLinc Reporter: Pierre Ossman <ossman@cendio.se>
Component: ClientAssignee: Pierre Ossman <ossman@cendio.se>
Status: CLOSED FIXED QA Contact: Bugzilla mail exporter <bugzilla-qa@cendio.se>
Severity: Normal    
Priority: P2 CC: astrand@cendio.se
Version: pre-1.0Keywords: astrand_tester, prosaic
Target Milestone: 4.1.1   
Hardware: PC   
OS: All   
Acceptance Criteria:

Description From cendio 2008-07-01 14:28:20
When pulseaudio starts without any functioning sound cards, clients tend to get
stuck for a few seconds before failing. This causes long delays whenever an
application wants to play a sound.

We should have a look and see if we can get rid of this delay.
------- Comment #1 From cendio 2013-07-10 12:45:57 -------
This got solved in 4.0.0 when we added the null sink fallback.
------- Comment #2 From cendio 2013-10-21 11:31:08 -------
Works, tested by configuring the client to use OSS.