Bug 4525

Summary: Avoid modifiers in multiple locations in standard keyboard layouts
Product: ThinLinc Reporter: Peter Åstrand <astrand@cendio.se>
Component: VNCAssignee: Peter Åstrand <astrand@cendio.se>
Status: CLOSED FIXED QA Contact: Bugzilla mail exporter <bugzilla-qa@cendio.se>
Severity: Normal    
Priority: P2    
Version: trunk   
Target Milestone: 4.1.0   
Hardware: PC   
OS: Unknown   
Acceptance Criteria:
Bug Depends on:    
Bug Blocks: 4524    

Description From cendio 2013-01-28 16:00:23
This is a short term solution for bug 4524. We can work around the problem by
making sure that the modifier symbols are only to be found in one single
------- Comment #1 From cendio 2013-01-28 16:19:59 -------
Fixed in 26460.