Bug 3223 - Windows vncviewer doesn't work with Croatian layots
: Windows vncviewer doesn't work with Croatian layots
: ThinLinc
: 3.0.0
: PC Unknown
: P2 Normal
: 4.3.0
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: 3523
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Reported: 2009-08-25 14:49 by
Modified: 2014-10-06 15:44 (History)
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Description From cendio 2009-08-25 14:49:43
From Issue8966. The Windows vncviewer doesn't work with Croatian layots. For
example, when pressing š (the å key on a swedish keyboard), no keyboard event
at all is generated. When running with debug, vncviewer says:

CKeyboard: no chars regardless of control and alt: extendedVkey 0xdb
------- Comment #1 From cendio 2011-08-25 16:28:04 -------
Should work. Verify.
------- Comment #2 From cendio 2011-09-06 14:15:44 -------
Verified using win7 client and xev in session.
------- Comment #3 From cendio 2011-11-24 15:08:07 -------
Works much better than with the old client. However, some combinations such as
AltGr-4 produces a dead key on Windows, but a non-dead in ThinLinc. This might
be a problem, because you cannot generate a "upside-down â". See:


According to Pierre, we might want to add a few more dead keys to an internal
list. Moving. 
------- Comment #4 From cendio 2014-09-16 15:38:38 -------
The symbol in question is breve, and it should work with the new code from bug
------- Comment #5 From cendio 2014-09-16 16:23:03 -------
Does indeed work now.
------- Comment #6 From cendio 2014-09-30 13:33:25 -------
Yes, works.