Bug 4302 - add ghost entries to rpm packages
: add ghost entries to rpm packages
: ThinLinc
: pre-1.0
: PC Unknown
: P2 Normal
: 4.0.0
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Reported: 2012-05-22 10:51 by
Modified: 2012-11-28 12:29 (History)
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Description From cendio 2012-05-22 10:51:43
RPM has a feature called "ghost" files, where you can mark files as belonging
to a package even though they weren't actually included in the package. This is
useful for things like log files, or stuff that tl-setup creates.

We should go through our RPMs and make sure we have ghost entries for
everything we create.

deb doesn't have this feature, so conversion will just drop the entries.
------- Comment #1 From cendio 2012-08-30 13:56:42 -------
Added entries for all things with a well known path. We can't really do much
about the things where we won't know the location until tl-setup can analyse
the system.

All .py files are assumed to create a .pyc file at some point.

Did not put entries for log files or data files. The reasoning being that you
probably want to keep these files, even if you remove the rpm.

Tester should check that we didn't forget about something, as well as test that
the RPM behaves sanely (rpm -qf, nothing odd from -V).
------- Comment #2 From cendio 2012-10-18 14:56:37 -------
On SLED11:

# ./rpmunknowns /etc/ /usr/ /opt/ /bin /lib /lib64 /var | grep thinlinc
./rpmunknowns:26: DeprecationWarning: The popen2 module is deprecated.  Use the
subprocess module.
  import popen2

As far as I can tell, no files in the output above are suitable for %ghost

rpm -V behaves ok.