Demo system profiles

Demo System Profiles

The ThinLinc demo server allows you to choose between several different profiles. The profiles are examples of different ways to configure and use ThinLinc. You select which profile to test at the beginning of a ThinLinc session in a dialog. To choose another profile, logout and then login again.

The "Standard Desktop" profile

The first profile available in the profile selector is the Standard Desktop profile. This profile shows what the desktop can look like when an administrator without any restrictions on the contents of the desktops can look like. It shows you all the applications available on the ThinLinc server, with an unrestricted menu.

There is very little customization done in this profile. The desktop background has been locked to a nice red colour using an administrative tool called Kiosktool that allows the administrator to configure global settings for all or selected users. We will see more of this later, especially on the customdesktop.

The "Customized Desktop" profile

The second profile available is the Customized Desktop profile. This profile gives you a desktop that is limited and locked down. It has a menu that contains much fewer entries than the menu in the Standard Desktop, and some of the window manager features has been locked down - for example, there's no "Run command.." entry in the menu.

The menu has been populated with a number of applications that are meant to give an example of what a typical user's desktop can look like. Play around and try some applications!

Attention: ThinLinc Demo IS NOT VPS  

ThinLinc is not virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hostig service. ThinLinc Demo Servers are just there for testing purpose before installation on your own system.

No Internet Access

Please note that Internet access has been disabled on this system.