7.6.  Logfile placement

The ThinLinc client logs it's activities to the human readable file, tlclient.log. The locations of this file differs between Linux and Windows systems and are explained below.

The log file is truncated every time the ThinLinc client is started. This means that the log file always contains information about the lastest session only.

7.6.1.  Linux log file

On Linux systems the logfile is located in the home directory for the user that runs the ThinLinc client. The path is ~/.thinlinc/tlclient.log.

7.6.2.  Windows log file

On Windows systems the logfile is located in the directory referenced from the %TMP% variable. The value of this variable can be achieved by running any of the following commands in a Windows command window.

C:\> echo %TMP%


C:\> set

Observe that some directories in the Windows %TMP% path may be flagged as hidden by the Windows system. This means that you need to change directory options to display hidden files and directories to navigate to the log file.