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Customers that uses ThinLinc will be find in the range from single departments up to multiinternational companies in industries that include Healthcare, Education, Research and Development, Manufacuring etc. Some example of ThinLinc customers will be find below.

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Technical University Of Denmark

ThinLinc gives students reliable and secure remote access to the 
University's cluster.

Case study (pdf)


Karlstads kommun

A smarter workplace with ThinLinc

Case Study (Video - YouTube)

Health Care Made Simple (pdf)


Manufacturing, Research and Development

SAAB Aerosystems

Cost effective development through centralizing the workplace.

Case Study (pdf)


Centralization and access to a critical production application via ThinLinc.

Case Study (pdf)


Freedom with centralized mixed desktops.

Case Study (pdf)

DataMap Ltd. NZ

Enable centralised mapping and data-entry for various tasks including hazard-mapping, monitoring of pest traps and nesting boxes, land usage planning and information publishing. 

Case Study (pdf)