Printer Features¶

ThinLinc has several printer-related features that aims to provide the user with maximum flexibility while making the administrator’s work easier. A ThinLinc system normally uses CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) to provide normal printing services. By integrating with CUPS, ThinLinc also provides the following features:

  • Local Printer support allows users to print documents on a printer that is connected to their terminal from applications running on the ThinLinc server.

    See Local printer support for documentation on this feature.

  • Nearest Printer is a feature that simplifies the printing process for the user by automatically printing to a printer that is located at the terminal the user is currently using. Users only need to know that they should always print to the nearest printer - the system will figure out the rest based on a database of terminals, printers and locations, eliminating the need to learn the names of printers at different locations. This decreases the need for support.

    See Nearest printer support for documentation on this feature.

  • Printer Access Control uses the same database of terminals, locations and printers as the Nearest Printer feature to dynamically limit which printers a user may print to based on the terminal the user is currently using. This feature also limits the list of printers seen by each user to the printers the user are allowed to use, simplifying choice of printer for the user by only showing the printers that are relevant at the current location.

    See Printer Access Control for documentation on this feature.