Administration of ThinLinc using the Web Administration Interface


This chapter describes the web-based ThinLinc administration interface called tlwebadm . This administration interface is installed automatically by the ThinLinc installation program, and may be accessed by pointing your web browser to https://<hostname>:1010.

For information on configuring tlwebadm , for example setting a password or changing the default port, see Parameters in /tlwebadm/.


The password must be set and the tlwebadm service restarted before use.


The tlwebadm interface consists of several modules which address different aspects of ThinLinc configuration:

  • System Health, for viewing information about ThinLinc master, agent and Web Access services, and testing user or group lookup performance. See The System Health Module below.

  • Status, for viewing information such as license usage, server load and sessions. See The Status Module below.

  • VSM, for viewing information and managing ThinLinc subclusters, the master service and the agent service. See The VSM Module below.

  • Profiles, for viewing and configuring profiles. See The Profiles Module below.

  • Locations, for viewing and configuring printers and terminal locations. See The Locations Module below.

  • Desktop Customizer, for configuring desktops. See The Desktop Customizer Module below.

  • Help, a module containing documentation and other useful information.

These modules are described in more detail in the following sections.