16.2.  Hiveconf and ThinLinc

ThinLinc uses Hiveconf as its primary configuration system on the serverside. In this section, we will describe the convenience utility shipped with ThinLinc. For descriptions of the folders and parameters used by ThinLinc, please refer to Chapter 14, Server Configuration

16.2.1.  The ThinLinc Configuration Tool - tl-config

In order to access the ThinLinc part of the Hiveconf configuration namespace without having to address it using the hostwide path (i.e. to avoid having to add /thinlinc/ to all parameters, a tool named tl-config is shipped with ThinLinc.

tl-config takes the same parameters as hivetool and works the same way. Refer to Section 16.1.5, “ Hiveconf Tools ” for information about hivetool. Try for example

# tl-config -Ra

a command that will print all ThinLinc-related parameters.