The supported Windows versions are Windows 10 or later, and Windows Server 2016 or later.

Installing the Windows Client

To install the client on a Windows machine, unpack the Client Bundle and enter the client-windows directory. Then click on the file tl-x.y.z-client-windows.exe and follow the instructions.

You will also find unpacked versions of the ThinLinc Windows client, both 32bit and 64bit under tl-x.y.z-client-windows-x86 and tl-x.y.z-client-windows-x64 directories. It makes it possible to run the client directly from the bundle or other media, like a portable application, without the requirement of installing the client.

For more information about how to configure the client, read Client configuration storage.

Running the Windows Client

During installation the ThinLinc client will be added to the Start menu. To start the client you select it from the Start menu.