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The demo system allows you to get started testing ThinLinc in just minutes. Register for an account below, download the client, connect, and you're off!

The testdrive account gives you access to a real ThinLinc server located in Link√∂ping, Sweden or Morristown, New Jersey USA. You will be able to test several ways to use ThinLinc. There's a typical end user desktop, an administrator's desktop, a desktop showing how to use ThinLinc as a frontend to a Windows Remote Desktop Services, a desktop that shows how ThinLinc can be used to access 3D applications, and more! Read more about the available profiles.

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By downloading the ThinLinc Server Bundle, you can install and use ThinLinc on your own hardware. This gives you full control over the environment and allows you to start designing your thin client solution at once. The Bundle you download here is the full version and you may use it in production systems for up to ten concurrent users.

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