ThinLinc is a software product which enables organisations to implement a server-based computing infrastructure. By centralising computing resources in the data center rather than distributing them amongst end-users, IT systems become more efficent, secure and accessible. End-users' desktops and applications are published from a central location, providing a seamless and familiar environment regardless of which device the user is connecting from or where they are located. Availability is also drastically increased due to the redundancy inherent in a server-based solution.

Data remains safe

Remote access enables users to access their desktops and applications from outside the organisation, whether they be travelling abroad, working from home or at a customer site. Documents and data remain secure in the server hall, so sensitive information does not end up on the client device even when connecting from untrusted networks or machines. If a client device is lost or damaged, any data remains safe on the server and available for access at all times.

Within an organisation, ThinLinc enables users to move easily between machines ("hot-desking") while still being presented with the same desktop - each application, even the mouse cursor, is exactly as they left it. Since all the horsepower resides in the server hall, users no longer need their own expensive hardware to perform even the most resource-intensive tasks; fat desktop machines can be replaced with efficient, long-life thin clients, without compromising on performance. Administrators no longer need to manage large numbers of independent PCs, but rather perform maintenence tasks from one central location.

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