Does cheap equate to bad? — A letter from Cendio’s CEO

Feb, 05, 24
Written by: Johan Igheimer

Sometimes, that can be correct. However – it is not the case for ThinLinc. Some may call our choice to provide a rock solid piece of software at our fair price and conditions naive. But at Cendio, we are very much certain that is the way to do it, so much so it has a prominent role in our business plan:

“We want to make Linux Remote Computing available and easy for organizations and people that like and want Linux”

Then why, you may ask, did we choose this fair pricing model that even allows you to use the software free of charge with less than 10 concurrent users? We would like to make it both possible and simple for all organizations, regardless of size and budgetary constraints, to experience a truly well-engineered piece of enterprise software.

Some skeptics’ immediate reaction may now be: “How can a largely open-source based software with a fair freemium pricing even be considered in a highly demanding enterprise setting?” If we start with the latter, our track record talks for itself. Many prominent and demanding organizations are using ThinLinc in their most critical systems. These organizations are found in different verticals such as defense, science, tech, financial, healthcare, education, and telecom. Our open-source dependence and involvement and the freemium pricing model – we simply love open source and the open-source ethos. It is fair, we like to contribute and share, and it is productive and guarantees the highest quality. Then, why do these prominent and demanding organizations go for ThinLinc, instead of a five times more expensive alternative? I think the former sentence discloses the answer. Why pay 5 times more to get less value! I think our customers are brilliant, they are “buying wonderful software at a fair price” instead of “buying fair software at a not so wonderful price”.

What makes ThinLinc such a wonderful piece of software? I usually boil it down to the following three factors:

  • User-Centric Design: ThinLinc is intuitively designed, harmonizing with the Linux ethos, providing a seamless, coherent, and user-friendly experience that effortlessly aligns with our existing Linux ecosystem.
  • Dependable Performance: ThinLinc is engineered for unwavering reliability and robustness. It’s meticulously crafted to perform consistently, earning your trust day in and day out.
  • Personalized Assistance: Our dedicated support team offers prompt and proficient responses, ensuring you receive the personal attention and expertise you deserve from a seasoned professional who genuinely cares about your needs and success.

— Johan Igheimer, CEO