ThinLinc had more than 25000 downloads in the first quarter and is now available on two app stores

May, 03, 22

We estimate that more than 150000 students, workers, and all sorts of different people access Linux computers located somewhere with the help of ThinLinc. It does not matter if their computers are desktops, laptops, thin terminals, Raspberries, or NUCs, nor if they use Windows, macOS, or Linux on those machines, ThinLinc gives them easy access to their Linux Desktop remotely with a local experience.

One of the prerequisites for them to access the Linux desktop remotely is to download and install the ThinLinc client software, when not using the web version. So far, the ThinLinc client software was downloaded more than 25000 times from our website in the first quarter of 2022, which is indeed an increase compared to 2021. According to Johan Igheimer, Cendio’s CEO “We are happy to see those numbers as they show the growth of the ThinLinc usage in the world, and it motivates us to continue working to provide the best remote Linux computing experience to our users and customers. In addition to the paid version, we help several small businesses and academics to solve their remote Linux needs by providing a powerful solution that is free for up to 10 users per organization.”

We also announce that the ThinLinc client is now available for download on two app stores, one focused on Windows users and the other on Linux, respectively the Microsoft Store and Flathub. Its inclusion in both app stores is aligned with our vision that “Linux should be available, easy to use, and fulfill the everyday desktop computing needs of all users of all kinds.”

The ThinLinc client on the Microsoft Store was developed by the Cendio Team and can be accessed on the following link. The Flatpak client for Linux available on Flathub was developed and is supported by the ThinLinc community and can be accessed on the following link.

According to Samuel Mannehed, who coordinated the development of the Microsoft Store version, “one of the benefits of being available at Microsoft Store is that ThinLinc tends to get more visibility as people can now find it when searching for remote access solutions inside the app store. Another benefit is that it becomes easier for users to trust, download and install app store labeled products as the solutions available there follow certain standardized procedures.

The version available on Flathub is a community project created and maintained by Stefan Hansson, a computer science student at Linköping University. Stefan has experience with publishing applications on Flathub and had the idea to make ThinLinc available on Flathub after using ThinLinc at the university to access a physics simulation program from home and for programming in various courses. According to Stefan “it is important that the entire process of using software on Linux is a great experience, and by having ThinLinc available from Flathub the various frictions of standalone .deb/.rpm packages are alleviated. For instance, having it on Flathub means having it available in the default “app store” of many distributions, which makes the installation process a quick search in a store followed by the press of an “install” button. It also avoids the traditional issues e.g. unsatisfied dependencies, which can be confusing for end-users to resolve.” He also recognizes other benefits “I think primarily you gain the benefit of a simpler installation process for end-users. There is also some publicity to be gained from having it there since ThinLinc may appear when users search for related topics, or just browse Flathub. It also allows users of more fringe Linux distributions to use ThinLinc given the universal nature of Flatpak.”

Are you curious to try ThinLinc, the best Linux remote desktop server? Download now and get a full version of ThinLinc working for free for up to 10 users.