Parameters in /shadowing/

In this section, we will describe all the parameters currently used by the shadowing feature.


A space-separated list of users and/or groups that are allowed to shadow other users. Group names are prefixed with + sign. Please note that these users will gain full access to other users’ sessions. See Shadowing for more information.


A constant string value of: reject, silent, notify or ask. This value configures in which way a shadowing request is handled.


All shadowing requests are rejected. You should set this if you want to disable the shadowing feature.


All shadowing requests are accepted and the user will not be notified about beeing shadowed.


All shadowing requests are accepted and a message box will be shown to notify the user when the shadowing starts and when the shadowing ends.


Shows a dialog to the user and gives him the full control of deciding to accept or reject the shadowing request. If the request timeout is reached without the user making a decision then the shadowing request will be rejected. Like for notify the user is also informed when the shadowing ends.

See Shadowing for more information.