Parameters in /webaccess/

In this section, we will describe all the parameters currently used by the ThinLinc Web Access client.


The path to the certificate file to be used for TLS encryption.


This certificate may be downloaded by connecting clients to be installed in their browsers. Make absolutely sure that this file does not contain a private key.


The path to the certificate private key file used for TLS encryption.


The URL which is used to redirect back to the Web Access login page on the master server. The default value is /, which redirects to the current server. This parameter needs to be changed when ThinLinc Web Access is used in a cluster setup.


The local port for this service to listen on. The default port used is 300.


The GnuTLS priority string is used to select the order and availability of TLS versions, ciphers, key exchange, MAC, compression, signature and elliptic curve algorithms for TLS sessions. See GnuTLS priority strings for possible values.


The file to use for logging tlwebaccess messages. By default, this is /var/log/tlwebaccess.log.