ThinLinc offers a wide range of benefits to both users and the organizations which support them - here are just a few:


Cheaper end-user hardware, reduced power consumption, greater flexibility and increased resource efficiency result in a lower TCO for your IT infrastructure.


ThinLinc ensures a seamless desktop experience through built-in features such as load-balancing, accelerated graphics and platform-specific optimisations.


Support for a wide range of client devices, and a choice of Linux distributions on the server side. ThinLinc integrates well with existing infrastructure, avoiding vendor lock-in and costly migrations.


No more idle PCs; ThinLinc makes computing resources available to those who need it, when they need it. This means less wasted resources and more efficient use of hardware.


Strong, built-in encryption between the client and server protects your data and eliminates the need for additional layers of protection such as VPN. ThinLinc supports multiple authentication mechanisms, including smart-card, kerberos and one-time passwords.

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