Customers that use ThinLinc are found in a wide spectrum ranging from single department companies up to multi international corporations in industries that include Education, Manufacuring & Development, Research & Science, Healthcare and Financial etc. Some examples of ThinLinc customers can be found below.

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Indiana University

ThinLinc is used to give hundreds of people graphical access to the university's supercomputer without any noticeable latency. ThinLinc's local drive functionality is very popular at Indiana University.

Indiana University and DTU case studies (pdf)

Stanford University

ThinLinc is used to provide researchers access to crucial computing equipment at Stanford University. ThinLinc integrates well into existing Linux setups.

Technical University Of Denmark

ThinLinc gives thousands of students, researchers and faculty reliable and secure remote access to the University's cluster.

Case study (pdf)

DTU & Indiana University case studies (pdf)

Manufacturing and Development


ThinLinc provides more than a thousand engineers at SAAB with a cost effective development environment across their many departments through centralizing the workplace.

Case Study (pdf)


Using ThinLinc SCA has moved to a centralized model where they don't have to manage their application on multiple devices. ThinLinc gives them access to a critical production application used every day.

Case Study (pdf)

DataMap Ltd. NZ

Enable centralised mapping and data-entry for various tasks including hazard-mapping, monitoring of pest traps and nesting boxes, land usage planning and information publishing. 

Case Study (pdf)

Research and Science


The Swedish Metrological and Hydrological Institute use ThinLinc to achieve freedom with centralized mixed desktops.

Case Study (pdf)


Karlstads kommun

Karlstad municipality use ThinLinc to give their employees a smarter workplace. Nurses among others connect quickly and securely to their systems using ThinLinc's Smart Card authentication.

Case Study (Video - YouTube)

Health Care Made Simple (pdf)



ThinLinc is used daily by this Japanese multinational holding conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo. With the help of ThinLinc SoftBank are able to provide remote access to secure working environments for their employees.

VFX and Graphical Design

Ghost VFX

Ghost modern studio providing cutting-edge VFX solutions for major movie studios. With the use of ThinLinc they are able to provide graphical artists a controlled and secure way of accessing the internet.


Mercado Libre

The leading E-commerce platform in Latin America, Mercado Libre, established that ThinLinc was the best solution for their thousands of employees to access their daily systems. Their IT department thinks the best aspect of ThinLinc is it's simplicity.

Case Study (pdf)