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Below is product documentation to get you started with the ThinLinc Remote Desktop Server. You may also find help in our mailing lists.

ThinLinc Administrators Guide

How to deploy, configure and maintain ThinLinc. The guide is also available as a PDF document.

Platform Specific Notes

Most of the information here pertains to those platforms officially tested and recommended by Cendio. See "Server Requirements" for a list of such platforms.

Red Hat®
Notes specific to Red Hat and Fedora and their derivatives.
Notes specific to SUSE and openSUSE and their derivatives.
Notes specific to Ubuntu and other Debian derivatives.

Platform Features

Notes relating to all SELinux-enabled distributions.

Notes relating to all AppArmor-enabled distributions.

Release Notes

Latest information about this release and update instructions.

Legal Documents

The purchase and use of Cendio products and services are governed by an Enterprise Agreement including an End User License Agreement.


Guides and videos about different usages of ThinLinc.