Company policy

Last updated: December 12, 2022

What is a company policy?

Company policies are company rules that thoroughly and clearly outline behavioral and work standards, as well as employee rights and benefits. They help foster positive and fair company culture, ensuring everyone receives equal treatment and opportunities to excel.

A company policy helps clarify work expectations, ethical standards, and employee benefits at small businesses and large corporations. These rules help foster a work environment where everyone follows the same rules and enjoys the same treatment.

Modern slavery policy

CENDIO Aktiebolag prohibits all forms of modern slavery. CENDIO employees, customers, and business partners through whom CENDIO conducts business must not engage in any everyday slavery-related activities when working with CENDIO.

This includes:

  • using fraud or other means to force a person to perform work or services involuntarily
  • obtaining labour from a person by threats of serious harm to that person or another personnel
  • destroying or otherwise denying access to an employee’s identity
  • using misleading or fraudulent practices to recruit employees, such as failing to disclose key terms and conditions of employment
  • using labour agencies involved in trafficking, debt bondage, or kidnapping
  • charging employees recruitment fees
  • failing to provide an employment contract or document
  • engaging in sex trafficking

Modern slavery policy statement

CENDIO will seek to ensure that its operations are at all times conducted free from modern slavery.

Cendio will fulfill this by:

  • raising modern slavery awareness among CENDIO personnel
  • implementing and maintaining appropriate channels to report suspected violations
  • taking appropriate disciplinary actions in case of violations

Anti – bribery policy

CENDIO has zero tolerance against bribery and corruption and shall ensure its operations are free from bribery

CENDIO will fulfill this by:

raising awareness among employees and executive management about corruption risks

promoting a strong culture of integrity at all levels of the company

identifying and monitoring relevant legislation and best practice

Anti–Bribery Policy Statement

CENDIO will not seek to influence others by any means considered unethical, illegal, or harmful to our reputation for honesty and integrity. Employees and representatives of the company are expected to decline any opportunity which would place our importance at risk. This policy applies to all employees of CENDIO.

Global Sanctions Policy

CENDIO is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards. This includes complying with all applicable trade sanctions legislation and regulations (Sanctions Laws) in our countries.

CENDIO will fulfill this by:

  • complying with sanctions on restricted countries/territories
  • complying with sanctions on restricted people/entities
  • not evading or facilitating the infringement of sanctions rules
  • monitoring economic trade sanctions regulations to be updated
  • conducting practical training and education on relevant business functions, about economic trade sanctions legislation
  • ensuring that financial transactions/operations are in line with economic trade sanctions legislation by following approved actions
  • ensuring raised awareness training and compliance with economic trade sanctions legislation among CENDIO employees

Global sanctions policy statement

CENDIO will comply with all economic and trade sanctions applicable to our business activities.

This Policy is intended to help employees, contractors, and other third parties acting on the company’s

behalf to understand where breaches of Sanctions Laws might arise and to support them in making

the right decisions in line with our corporate position as stated in this Policy.

Environmental Policy

We at CENDIO seek to contribute to a long-term sustainable environment by striving for as little environmental impact as possible.

CENDIO will fulfill this by:

  • improving our environmental performance by reducing our consumption of energy and water, and striving to use energy sources that are as efficient and have as low an environmental impact as possible
  • recycling and sorting waste as best we can and taking care of all environmentally hazardous waste
  • constantly striving to reduce our use of consumables and produce less waste
  • encouraging our employees to use public transport and bicycles
  • encouraging our employees to take an interest in and get involved in environmental issues

Environmental policy statement

CENDIO is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. CENDIO will strive to improve its environmental performance over time.

CENDIO committed to:

Comply with all applicable environmental regulations;

Prevent pollution whenever possible;

Communicate our environmental commitment and efforts to our customers, staff, and our community;

Employee code of conduct

Taking responsibility for society’s social sustainability is about working for an equal society where people live a good life with good health, and where everyone’s equal value is a matter of course. We at Cendio want to run our business as good citizens. We consider our fellow human beings whether they are employees, customers, partners, or in other ways influenced by our company.

CENDIO will fulfill this by:

  • cherishing a culture where everyone can be themselves as a person and where we share knowledge and information and help each other
  • offering a pleasant and developing work environment for all our employees, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and age
  • having zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination and sexism
  • creating conditions for our employees to feel good, and consider health-promoting aspects in our daily work methods and the event of changes in the organization
  • offering safe workplaces – on our premises and at the customers, our health policy improves the conditions for our employees to live healthy lives
  • offering our employees a work environment that enables balance in life and promotes personal and professional development
  • encouraging our employees to improve and have a Competence Development Policy
  • we believe in short decision paths and encouraging our initiatives
  • we believe in secure employment conditions and adhering to the provisions of the Cendio Staff Handbook.

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