Mailing lists

ThinLinc mailing lists discontinued

From November 15th CET 2022 (and after almost 20 years of operation!), the ThinLinc Mailing Lists will be retired. In its place, we will be using the
ThinLinc Community Forum to push out important announcements to ThinLinc users.

Don’t worry, you will still be able to get the announcements as email, just like before. Using the web interface for the forum is entirely optional. Messages which would otherwise be posted to ThinLinc Announce will now be posted under the “Announcements” category on the Community Forum, and a copy of the post will be sent by email to all interested users.

The Announcements category will only contain notices about new ThinLinc releases and security related information. It will be a low-volume information channel, and you will not receive any other email notifications from the forum unless you explicitly choose to do so.

To subscribe, you will need to have an account on the Community Forum at

ThinLinc Announce

ThinLinc Announce was a read-only, low volume list that was used by Cendio to send out ThinLinc-related announcements. When we released a new version of ThinLinc, or change our support offerings in a substantial way, then it was announced on this list.

You can view the archive for ThinLinc Announce list at the List archive.

ThinLinc Technical

ThinLinc Technical was a mailing list where anyone could participate and discuss technical matters around ThinLinc. This list was read by the ThinLinc developers, but it was not an official support channel and responses were therefore not guaranteed.

You can view the archive for ThinLinc Technical list at the List archive.

ThinLinc installation steps

Get ready

Ensure you have a proper Linux distribution available

Download server

Download the ThinLinc server software

Install server

Installing ThinLinc

Download client

Download the ThinLinc client software

Install client

Install the ThinLinc client software

Welcome To ThinLinc

Enter your server hostname and your login credentials

Understand how ThinLinc works

Watch the video and get to know what ThinLinc can do for you.

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