A new version of ThinLinc is almost ready for public consumption. Although not quite done, we still believe that it is ready for general testing. So download it today and get a preview of the new exciting features in this new version. See the preliminary release notes for information about what new features and changes this release entails.

Preliminary documentation for this beta release is also available. Please observe the system requirements and the recommended distributions for this upcoming release.

Please send any feedback about this beta release to support@cendio.se. We'd love to hear what you think about this latest version.

For production versions of ThinLinc, please visit the download pages.

This is a preview release of ThinLinc that has not yet been fully tested. We strongly advise against using this version on any production system.

Server Bundle

ThinLinc 4.8.0 Beta 1 Server Bundle

Installation instructions are available in the preliminary documentation.

Client Bundle

ThinLinc 4.8.0 Beta 1 Client Bundle

Client platform requirements are available in the preliminary documentation.