The Linux remote desktop server built on open source technology.

We hope you have a positive experience with ThinLinc, the best Linux Remote Desktop Server. We expect any skilled Linux user to get the full ThinLinc system up and running quickly, without any product-specific knowledge. ThinLinc is free for up to 10 concurrent users!

Download the ThinLinc Server

Get a fully functional Linux Remote Desktop Server system for up to 10 concurrent users for free. By downloading the ThinLinc Server Bundle, you can install and use ThinLinc on your hardware. It gives you complete control over the environment and allows you to design your thin client solution at once. The bundle you download here is the full version.

Download ThinLinc Server



Do you need help?
Installing ThinLinc
ThinLinc Administrator's Guide - Chapter 3
Contact support

Larger or complex evaluations/ POC

Please get in touch to get professional consultancy to assist with your POC (proof of concept). Contact

Additional temporary licenses
If you need to test ThinLinc for more than 10 users, we provide additional temporary licenses on request. Contact








Test ThinLinc in a Docker Container

Normally you would need a proper server or vm to test out ThinLinc. With ThinLinc in a Docker, you can set up a ThinLinc Demo Server in under 5 minutes on any Linux, Windows, or Intel-Mac Computer. The ThinLinc in a Docker Demo was built in collaboration with the open-source specialists of OETIKER+PARTNER AG from Switzerland.

Test ThinLinc in a Docker


Test ThinLinc Ansible Role

Try the community contributed Ansible role for ThinLinc Server. This role takes care of installing, configuring and starting the ThinLinc server software. The ThinLinc server software is not included in this role, and will have to be downloaded separately.  This Ansible role comes without support from Cendio AB

Test ThinLinc Ansible Role