Looking to replace your existing Sun Ray installation? | ThinLinc by Cendio

Oracles Sun Ray Solution is now end-of-life, and many organizations are now looking for an attractive alternative. Plenty of customers from healthcare, industrial and educational organizations have found that ThinLinc provides a viable alternative to the SunRay software.

Join the growing list of satisfied customers who have migrated from SunRay to ThinLinc, and benefit from the flexibility and performance that ThinLinc has to offer.

Please contact Cendios salesteam for more information at sales@cendio.com or by phone at   + 46 13 29 08 50 for more information.

  • ThinLinc is easily installed on a wide range of Linux distributions. No need to restrict yourself to one or two vendor-provided distributions.
  • Native clients available for a wide range of platforms, including thin-client terminals. This means increased performance and choice.
  • High-performance with hot-desking capabilties, and server-side 3D acceleration is supported via VirtualGL.
  • Security. All client traffic is tunneled over a single encrypted SSH connection, and server exposure is kept to a minimum.
  • The ability to provide both Linux and Windows desktops and applications in a mixed environment, including support for modern desktop environments.
  • A cost-effective licensing and support model.
  • Multiple authentication mechanisms, including smart-card, one-time password, and kerberos support.

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