The Linux remote desktop server built on open source technology.

ThinLinc 3.2.0 Release Notes


A new ThinLinc release is finally here, 3.2.0. It includes more than 170 enhancements. The most prominent features are:

  • Support for new platforms, such as Windows 2008 R2 and the latest Linux distributions from Red Hat and Ubuntu.
  • Integration with VirtualBox - an advanced VDI solution that works well in conjunction with VirtualGL and ThinLinc. This combination can deliver high performance graphics with OpenGL applications, in a thin client environment.
  • A new web administration. This means that the administration can now be done using a single, modern web interface.

Changes in This Release

In the list below, the enhancement number is given in parentheses. Note that this version of ThinLinc includes a non-backwards compatible change of the session management. All machines in the cluster will need to be upgraded at the same time.


  • ThinLinc works on most modern Linux distributions and Sun Solaris (R). This release has been extensively tested on the following platforms:
    • Red Hat (R) Enterprise Linux 6 (64-bit)
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 SP1 (R) (32-bit)
    • Ubuntu (R) 11.04 (64-bit)
    • Sun Solaris (R) 10
Note: The 64-bit version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is currently not recommended, since it does not provide a full 32-bit environment.
  • The performance of many RENDER operations has been improved, since we are now using a newer version of the "pixman" library. The "render_bench" test indicates a performance increase of 100%. (3674)
  • Improved integration with SELinux that, among other things, means that ThinLinc sessions are now running in the correct SELinux context. (3791)
  • The startup of user sessions has been changed. Two new processes, tl-session and tl-xinit, are responsible for initializing and shutting down sessions. This new model has many advantages. The wtmp and utmp files are updated, which means that output from "w", "who", "last" etc includes ThinLinc sessions. Please note that this change requires that all machines in a cluster are upgraded to ThinLinc 3.2.0. (351, 357)
  • A stability problem with the X server has been corrected. The X server could terminate when displaying Solaris applications in a Linux ThinLinc session. (3682)
  • The X server could crash on XDrawArc operations, this has been corrected. (3685)
  • It is now possible to configure the Xserver to use a keyboard layout corresponding to a typical english keyboard. This option has been added for increased compatibility with applications that violates the X11 keyboard conventions; it is normally not needed. The default key codes are still from a Swedish keyboard, but this is now specified in the configuration file instead. (3700)
  • Local drives are now by default mounted with options which sets a shorter timeout. This avoids long delays when trying to access the mount while the client is disconnected. (1270)
  • The files "terminfo" and "terminfo.bat" have been removed. (3776, 3777)
  • The symbolic link "passwd" has been removed from ~/.thinlinc. (3778)


  • This release has been translated to Swedish, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portugese.
  • Scrolling performance has been improved. This is noticable in applications such as Firefox and Adobe Reader. In some cases, 80% less bandwidth is used. (3753)
  • Some components of ThinLinc required an executable stack ("execstack"), which caused problems on modern SELinux systems. This is no longer the case. (3710)
  • The local printer redirection now supports print jobs with multiple copies. (3792)


  • The graphics engine of the client ("vncviewer") has been rewritten. The same component is now used on all platforms. (3599)
  • Since the Mac OS X client now uses the same core components as the other clients, the functionality has been vastly improved. (3612) Note that support for PowerPC has been removed, and that OS X 10.4 or later is now required. (3722)
  • A new feature (--loop) causes the client to run forever. The exit button is removed, and when a session has ended, a new client process is automatically started. (3633)
  • It is now possible to configure if system keys (such as Alt+Tab) should be sent to the server when in full screen mode. (3417)
  • The start menu shortcuts of the Windows client are now translated. (3634)
  • The antivirus check of the Windows client has been removed. (3440)
  • An "unpacked" version of the dynamically linked Linux client is now included on the client CD. This allows you to run the Linux client directly from the CD. (3499)
  • On Linux clients, the sound support did not work on systems with an installed PulseAudio plugin for ALSA. This has been corrected. (3330)
  • Printing to a local printer with the Windows client should now be faster and more reliable. This is because the embedded PDF engine "SumatraPDF" has been upgraded. (3441)
  • The support for Linux based EEE PC laptops has been removed. (3765)
  • This versions features improved fullscreen support that solves issues with some window managers (e.g. Compiz). (3420, 3668)

Smart Card Support

  • The client did not handle recent SITHS cards with 2048 bit RSA. This has been corrected. (3730)
  • The certificate filter handling in the client has been changed. It is now possible to enable certificates from multiple issuers, and control certificate visibility. (3590)
  • A problem with smart card authentication has been corrected. In some cases, it was possible to trigger two simultanious logins. (3637)
  • tl-ldap-certalias now works correctly on SELinux systems. (3697)
  • tl-ldap-certalias can now map certificates to users even if they are stored in different directory servers. It can also verify the certificates against issuer, CRL lists, and expiration date. (3653)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

  • This release adds support for VirtualBox. VirtualBox is an advanced VDI solution that works well in conjunction with the VirtualGL software. The combination of VirtualBox, VirtualGL, and ThinLinc can deliver high performance graphics with OpenGL applications running on Windows, in a thin client environment solution. (3679)
  • The new tool "tlcloneprep" has been added to the WTS Tools package. This tool can automatically rename machines and join them to an Active Directory domain, and is suitable for VirtualBox environments. (3651)


  • The functionality of the Webmin administration module (tladm) has been migrated to the dedicated ThinLinc administration framework (tlwebadm) which was introduced in version 3.1.0. This means that the administration can now be done using a single, modern web interface. Webmin is no longer required and can optionally be removed. Additional administration modules will be added in upcoming ThinLinc versions. (2697)
  • The Application Server Group interface allows you to specify additional options. (3146)


  • USB sticks without partitions are now supported. (3128)

Windows (R) Integration

  • Windows 2008 R2 is now supported. (3300)
  • Windows 2000 is no longer supported. (3498)
  • The Windows Terminal Server Load Agent now supports user names with non-ASCII characters. (2395)

Corrected Issues

ThinLinc has also been enhanced in many other ways. The complete list of corrected issues is:

 351,  357, 1214, 1270, 1475, 1546, 1838, 1972, 2030, 2031, 2130,
2139, 2176, 2185, 2341, 2395, 2456, 2656, 2668, 2674, 2697, 2718,
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