The Linux remote desktop server built on open source technology.

Name: Anatomy of a ThinLinc Session

ThinLinc is made up of several tightly integrated open-source components, all held together by a small amount of proprietary "glue". Roughly 80% of ThinLinc is open-source, with the remaining 20% consisting of things like administrative tools, licensing, and automation. These proprietary and open-source components work together in order to create a functioning system.
This document provides an overview of how a ThinLinc remote desktop session is created, and the components involved in its operation.

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Name: ThinLinc Terminal Server
Contents: ThinLinc is a terminal server solution from Cendio, providing users with remote access to centralised desktops and applications from a wide range of client devices. Simplified administration and reduced costs are just two of the benefits of centralising your organisation's IT infrastructure via server-based computing.
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Name: ThinLinc TCO
Contents: ThinLinc provides customers with an attractive solution for reducing TCO in their business. ThinLinc offers an array of attractive and unique features for IT departments looking to cut costs, ease administration and increase security.
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