Centralized graphical Linux workspaces

Centralized graphical Linux workspaces


Maintaining and administrating a large fleet of powerful Linux workstations; providing support and application licenses for an array of widely different employee devices – spreading compute power over a large number of workstations and laptops wastes resources and does not scale. ThinLinc makes it possible for organizations to centralize these resources, simplifying administration and support while also cutting down on operational expenses.

Provide seamless access to a powerful Linux desktop from any device, wherever you are.

In practice, this means you use ThinLinc to remotely access a powerful Linux environment housing your desktop environment, applications, and files. Whether this means providing your engineers with a powerful graphical environment for 3D accelerated CAD applications and compute heavy simulations, or providing your students with a preconfigured Linux environment for their course work, ThinLinc will get the job done.

End-user benefits

  • Give users secure access to graphical Linux applications from the office, at home, abroad, or on the move.
  • Let users access centralized compute power and storage far exceeding that of weak end-user devices.
  • Let users bring their own device without sacrificing security.
  • In contrast to many other remote desktop solutions, ThinLinc effortlessly delivers a user experience almost indistinguishable from working on the local machine.

Sysadmin benefits

  • Streamline administration and support efforts with a centrally managed homogenous Linux environment shared between all users.
  • ThinLinc integrates easily and seamlessly in your current Linux environment.
  • World-class onboarding and support – we will make sure you succeed!

Organizational benefits

  • ThinLinc is built around sharing server-side hardware resources between users, meaning expensive per-employee hardware can be replaced by better utilized server-side hardware, reducing operational costs.
  • A ThinLinc cluster comfortably scales horizontally to thousands of concurrent users.

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