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ThinLinc: your all-in-one Linux remote desktop alternative

Mar, 05, 24
Written by: Jean Zagonel


Simplify your Linux remote desktop environment and reduce costs with ThinLinc. This versatile and secure solution can replace a wide range of specialized tools, offering a seamless remote access experience.

Understanding terminology

The need to access a Linux environment remotely with a graphical user interface (GUI), whether it’s a full desktop or individual applications, is often referred to by various names. These terms can sometimes overlap in meaning, but don’t always represent identical technologies. Some popular terms include:

  • Linux VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
  • Linux Remote Desktop
  • Linux RDP
  • VNC Linux
  • X11 forwarding
  • Linux Remote Desktop Server
  • Linux Terminal Server
  • Linux GUI Remote
  • Linux GUI Streaming
  • Remote Desktop Publication
  • Linux Remote Desktop Software
  • Remote Access Linux
  • Linux Remote Desktop for [Specific Linux Distro] 
  • Linux Remote Application
  • Linux Desktop Streaming
  • Centralized Linux Desktop Access
  • Linux Remote Workstation
  • Linux Remote Desktop Protocol
  • Linux Remote Computing
  • Thin Client Linux
  • Remote Linux Environment
  • Multi-user Linux Remote Access

ThinLinc excels as an alternative to the technologies listed above when your primary need is providing a centralized Linux environment with remote desktop access for multiple users. While popularly called by various names, ThinLinc specifically functions as a Linux Remote Desktop Server or Linux Terminal Server.

Open-source vs. enterprise-supported

It’s important to note that some of these solutions are open-source projects, which typically provide flexibility and customization but may lack the refined features and dedicated support of commercial enterprise-grade software. ThinLinc combines the best of the two worlds as it is based on the best open-source components, packaged, tested, and supported.

ThinLinc: a powerful alternative to popular solutions

ThinLinc excels as an alternative to these popular Linux remote desktop and application delivery tools:

Why choose ThinLinc?

When your primary requirement is providing remote GUI access to Linux environments for multiple users, ThinLinc excels as a powerful alternative to the technologies listed above. One of ThinLinc’s core strengths is its unwavering focus on Linux.  Unlike solutions from companies that support multiple platforms, ThinLinc’s dedicated Linux development ensures it is by far the most compatible solution in the market, supporting a vast array of Linux distributions and desktop environments. This focus resonates particularly well with Linux enthusiasts who appreciate a pure Linux solution.

Furthermore, ThinLinc is developed by Cendio, the same team behind TigerVNC and noVNC, two of the world’s most renowned VNC implementations. ThinLinc leverages the best aspects of these open-source protocols while offering the refinement and support of an enterprise-grade product.

It’s important to note that some of the other brands offer a variety of products, including those targeted at one-to-one Linux access. ThinLinc maintains a clear focus on multi-user environments, ensuring its reliability and scalability. This focus translates to proven success, with customers supporting nearly 10,000 concurrent users without interruption.

Among the advantages of ThinLinc:

  • Cost-effective: Reduce licensing expenses and simplify IT costs.
  • Secure: Robust security features like SSH tunneling, encryption, and access controls.
  • High performance: Experience smooth remote sessions even in low-bandwidth settings.
  • Cross-platform: ThinLinc supports clients across operating systems.
  • Easy to manage: Intuitive web-based administration streamlines setup and user management.


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