tl-config [options] <parameter>[=value] …


The tl-config command is used to access configuration parameters used by the ThinLinc system. It is also used to set parameters from scripts, and can be used instead of an editor when some parameter needs to be changed. tl-config uses hivetool, part of the Hiveconf system. See Hiveconf for more information about Hiveconf.


-a, --all-entries

Print all parameters and folders in given folder.

-i, --import=file

Import all parameters in file.

-p, --purge=file

Remove parameters in file which exists elsewhere.

-R, --recursive

When using -a, ascend folders recursively.

-e, --eval=VAR=parameter

Print parameter value in format suitable for assignment to shell variable via evaluation.

-E folder

As -e but print all variables in specified folder.


Prints the ThinLinc version and exits.

-x, --export

When using -e, --eval, or -E, also export the variables.

-h, --help

Prints a short help text and exits.


Print all values in root, recursively:

$ tl-config -Ra /

Set /vsmagent/agent_hostname to

$ tl-config /vsmagent/

Print value of /vsmagent/agent_hostname:

$ tl-config /vsmagent/agent_hostname

Set environment variable AGENTNAME to value of /vsmagent/agent_hostname:

$ eval $(tl-config -e AGENTNAME=/vsmagent/agent_hostname)

Set all variables in /vsmagent/default_environment as environment variables:

$ eval $(tl-config -E /vsmagent/default_environment/)