tl-support [-p <listen-port>] [-u <user>] [host[:port]]


The tl-support command can be used to enable a support technician to login to your ThinLinc server, even though the server is behind a firewall that doesn’t allow connections to the ssh port. This is accomplished by opening a ssh connection from the server to an external server on the internet, at the same time setting up a tunnel from the remote host to the local host’s ssh port. The default server to connect to is “” with the default username “support”. This command should only be used after contacting your ThinLinc support technician.

If host is not specified, “” is assumed.


-h, --help

Prints a short help text and exits.

-p listen-port, --port=listen-port

The remote port to listen on. If not specified, a random port will be used.

-u user, --user=user

Username to connect as. The default is “support”.


Prints the ThinLinc version and exits.