tl-sso-password [options]


The tl-sso-password command can be used to hook up the single sign-on mechanism of ThinLinc with new applications. It can be used to test for the presence of a valid password and to feed that password out on standard output to another application.

To check for the existance of a valid password, invoke the command as tl-sso-password --check. A return code of zero indicates a valid password.

If the --remove option is specified, the password will be removed, after the retrieval or check.

There are two basic models to connect tl-sso-password to an application. The first is to use shell pipes:

$ tl-sso-password | /usr/bin/application --read-password-on-stdin

The second is to have the application invoke tl-sso-password as needed:

$ /usr/bin/application --password-prog tl-sso-password


-c, --check

Returns 0 if password is available, instead of fetch.

-h, --help

Prints a short help text and exits.

-r, --remove

Removes the password after fetch or check.


Prints the ThinLinc version and exits.

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