tl-umount-localdrives [options]


The tl-umount-localdrives command is used to unmount local drives previously set up by tl-mount-localdrives(1). By default it only unmounts the local drives for the current session, but it can also unmount the local drives for all of the user’s sessions by specifying -s, or all local drives for all users on the current agent by specifying -a.


-a, --all-users

Unmount all shared local drives for all users on this server (root required).

-h, --help

Prints a short help text and exits.

-l, --no-adjust-symlink

Do not update the ~/thindrives link when unmounting filesystems.

-s, --all-sessions

Unmount all shared local drives for the current user on this server.

-v, --verbose

Print more details about what actions are taken.


Prints the ThinLinc version and exits.


When using multiple sessions per user, the ~/thindrives link will point to the newest session that executed tl-mount-localdrives(1). tl-umount-localdrives will restore the link to the newest session which is not newer than the current session and which has mounted local drives.

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