tl-session-param [options] <parameter>


The tl-session-param command is used to access the session information managed by the master. This includes information sent by the client, such as if the client has exported any local drives, or what language is set on the client side.


-a, --all-entries=FOLDER

Print all parameters and values in a folder.

-e, --eval=VAR=parameter

Print parameter value in a format suitable for assignment to a shell variable, via evaluation.

-h, --help

Prints a short help text and exits.


Prints the ThinLinc version and exits.


Print all the top level session information:

$ tl-session-param -a /

Set LANG to the client’s language:

$ tl-session-param -e LANG=/client_params/capabilities/client_lang

Print the client’s IP address:

$ tl-session-param /client_ip