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ThinLinc 4.10.1 Release Notes


Cendio are proud to present ThinLinc 4.10.1, with more than 30 enhancements and fixes. This is a minor update with important fixes for the previous version of ThinLinc. The main focus of this release is improving compatibility with modern distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 and making it easier to install ThinLinc on those distributions.

ThinLinc works on most modern Linux distributions and is supported on any platform that fulfills our documented requirements.

Changes in This Release

In the list below, the bug number is given in parentheses. For more information, visit


  • An issue has been fixed where a user or program on the ThinLinc server could prevent other users from accessing their sessions. (7322)
  • Fixed an issue where assigning the root user to a subcluster didn't work. (7349)
  • The server installer now supports the DNF package manager, making it easier to install ThinLinc on modern Red Hat based systems. (5202)
  • The server installer now correctly identifies modern SUSE Linux Enterprise systems, allowing it to automate the installation of packages. (7337)
  • The server installer has gotten improvements in installing and finding the correct Python interpreter. (7294, 7295)
  • The server installer will now fall back to using text mode when it detects it cannot use the local display as root (e.g. when using Wayland). (6192)
  • The server installer now allows more variation in what the SSH service is called in the system firewall settings. This allows the installer to configure the firewall correctly on systems such as SUSE Linux Enterprise where the name of the service has changed between releases. (7338)
  • The server will now attempt to start a session even if the home directory is initially inaccessible for a user. In some cases this allows ThinLinc to work in environments that are currently not fully supported, such as systems using NFS with Kerberos. (7353)
  • The profile for the LXDE desktop environment is now properly shown on SUSE Linux Enterprise systems. (7341)

Native Client

  • The client will now display clear error messages if the selected public key file doesn't exist or isn't readable. (7207, 5317)

Local Drive Redirection

  • An issue has been fixed where files being added or removed locally to a folder that was redirected were not seen inside the ThinLinc session. This issue was only seen when using the ThinLinc client for Windows. (5560)
  • Several issues have been fixed where the timestamps on redirected files would be shown incorrectly in the ThinLinc session. (6972, 7352)

Configuration Changes


  • The default value of /vsmagent/xserver_args no longer includes "-nolisten tcp" as that is already the default behaviour of the ThinLinc X server since ThinLinc 4.10.0. It is now necessary to explicitly specify "-listen tcp" to enable X11 over TCP.

A complete configuration reference can be found in the ThinLinc Administrators Guide.

Corrected Issues

ThinLinc has also been enhanced in many other ways. The complete list of corrected issues is:

2207, 2338, 5202, 5317, 5560, 6192, 6972, 7207, 7294, 7295, 7322,
7328, 7329, 7331, 7332, 7336, 7337, 7338, 7339, 7341, 7342, 7343,
7344, 7345, 7346, 7347, 7348, 7349, 7350, 7352, 7353
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